Operators Guidelines

Operators Guidelines

These rules are to make clear that Wanderage.com offers a service to our owners based on a partnership model and for any partnership to work - there needs to be a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect. Our values are important to us and we have listed some of the values we expect all owners to adhere to below.


 Honesty and Trust 

 As You will endeavor to provide a true and accurate picture of your experiences on  the website.

As part of this:

o   You will ensure that the description is accurate.

o   You will post photographs that are not doctored, altered etc.

o   You will list actual experiences with generic photographs for the purpose of lead generation.

o   If you notice any experiences that seem to be misrepresenting themselves on the website you will reach out to us and inform us of the same.

o    You will endeavor to keep the reservation calendar updated to ensure that customers have a clear picture of the availability of your experiences.


·         You recognize that we provide a platform for you to meet customers and a money transfer capability for you to receive payments.

·         You will perform your own due diligence on the customers.

·         You will take all necessary permissions and legal clearances needed from the local authorities to conduct the business if needed.

·         You will pay all your taxes and recognize that we don't deduct any Tax at Source or provide any TDS certificates.

·         You will maintain all necessary registers as required by law.        You will describe and not 'brand' your experiences. You will not mention any  link of your brand name to your experiences that the user can then enter into a search engine and get to your own website or any other website through which you accept bookings.

·         You will not share your contact information or attempt to take the conversation outside the portal(unless and until specified by Wanderage). This means no exchanging email addresses, phone numbers etc.


Fair Dialogues

You will engage in Free and Fair dialogue with us to ensure that you give us ample opportunity to correct any mistakes.

As part of this:

o   You will be proactive with your suggestions and recognize that the website is work in progress and so features are being continuously updated.

o   You will not bad mouth us on any public forums, private message boards, letters or spoken conversations until you have written to us with your suggestions/ grievances first and have given us two months to implement your suggestions.

o   You recognize that we need to run this business in a profitable manner to ensure that we have money to promote the experiences / activities/ things-to-do concept and will not prejudice yourself or judge us by virtue of us running a commercial service.


o   You recognize you might be blacklisted and our decision in these matters is supreme.

o   You may be blacklisted in case you violate any of the terms or the spirit of partnership in which this service is being provided to you.

o   You recognize that you might lose a major income source or your only income source in case you are blacklisted.

o   You agree that in matters of blacklisting our decision is final and that we are the only body who can decide this.

o    You agree that we are not liable for your loss of income as blacklisting is based on your own actions.

 Confirmed Bookings

o   All Paid Bookings are treated as confirmed and you will update your necessary software or paper systems to reflect the same.

o   All responsibility for double bookings and over booking are solely that of the Owner.

o   You agree to pay the necessary fine if you are constrained to cancel a confirmed booking.